Our People - Susan Snow

Susan Snow


Susan is a duty solicitor based in Exeter. She has been advising and representing clients from the Police Station through to trial for over 25 years.

Susan undertook her first degree in law and a Masters in Criminal Law in which attained distinction and merit at University College London in 1992.

Her interest in and specialism in criminal law began at Masters level and encompassed all aspects from arrest with Professor Michael Zander through to sentencing and the criminal process with Professor Andrew Ashworth, Emeritus Professor of Law at Oxford University. Susan also attained a distinction in Youth Justice at Masters level.

From 1992 Susan has worked as a solicitor specialising in criminal law having completed her masters. Susan worked for Taylor Nichol and TV Edwards in London before moving to Exeter in 2012.

Since then Susan has continued has continued her interest and specialisation in criminal law.  Susan worked with Jeremy at their previous firm and followed him to BTL in 2017.

Her cases have ranged from murder right through to minor theft matters including court appointed cross-examinations.  Susan enjoys every case, no matter how difficult, or how unlikely the chance of success.  Susan puts every effort into everything she does and is well liked by the clients and the other professionals in the system as a whole.

Susan particularly enjoys undertaking advocacy in criminal trials.

Susan Snow