Motoring Offences

Motoring Offences

Although minor in nature, the endorsement of penalty points can lead to catastrophic consequences for anyone who needs to drive for their job, or perhaps to care for a family member.

Motoring Offences

Offences for which you can come before the Court

These include:

  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Drink driving
  • Driving whilst unfit
  • Using a handheld mobile phone whilst driving
  • Failing to stop after an accident
  • Having no insurance

In fact, most people face the police or the Courts at some point in their life accused of a driving offence.

There is nothing special about motoring offences, and those big national firms who promise you the earth in return for thousands of your hard earned pounds are working with the same legislation as we do.

There is nothing secret or clever about dealing with motoring offences. We are honest when advising you on your chances of keeping your licence and won’t take thousands of pounds from you and make promises we cannot keep.

Most of the time you end up before the Court because the offences are serious enough for the court to consider disqualifying you, or because you have totted up enough points to face a mandatory disqualification.

Sometimes, you can argue there are special reasons for not being disqualified. If the Court agrees, they can step back from the mandatory period of disqualification or not disqualify you at all.

Or it may be you don’t accept you are guilty of the offence at all. We can help you defend an offence you deny committing in a sensible and logical way.

Jodie Leonard, Steve Jerome, Jeremy Tricks, Susan Snow, Caroline Salvatore, Jeremy Harris and Jolyon Tuck are all experienced in this area of law. You can read more about them here.

Fixed Fee Work

Legal aid is not usually available for motoring offences. Set out here are our indicative prices for fixed fee work:

  • Opening a file and providing advice at the start of your case (meeting with you and considering your case including written advice, one hour) – £200 plus VAT
  • Guilty plea (one hearing) – £500 plus VAT
  • Special reasons / exceptional hardship arguments – between £750 and £1500 plus VAT (depending on how many witnesses you want to call)
  • Trial £1,500 plus VAT

If your matter could lead to a more complex trial or a particularly tricky exceptional hardship argument we can give you a quote dependent on all the circumstances.


VAT is charged on our costs at 20%.

Our main supervisor is Jodie Leonard, who will have overall care and conduct of your case.  Jolyon Tuck and Caroline Salvatore are also team supervisors.

Our service standards:

  • We will update you in writing with progress on your matter regularly.
  • We will communicate with you in plain language.
  • We will explain to you by telephone and/or in writing, the legal work required as your matter progresses.
  • We will update you on whether the likely outcomes still justify the likely costs and risks associated with your matter whenever there is a material change in circumstances.

Typical key stages

  • Meeting with you, and taking your instructions (by telephone, video call or in person) as soon as is practicable after you get in touch with us
  • Your first hearing; where your case is likely to be resolved if you are pleading guilty
  • If you are pleading not guilty, or you are arguing special reasons/exceptional hardship, at least one more hearing will follow around 1 to 2 months after your first.

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