Are you in the Armed Forces?

Are you in the Armed Forces?

Being arrested, charged or summonsed to Court is a frightening experience for anyone. But if you are in the military there is the added concern surrounding your position in the armed forces.

You are entitled to free advice for and during an interview under caution even if it is not in a police station. We regularly attend Provost at HMP Drake as well as military bases all over Cornwall and Devon – from RNAS Culdrose to CTCRM Lymphstone.

Please contact us and we can arrange to attend with you. If you are arrested, please ask for us and we will be contacted on your behalf. If the procedure continues beyond that point, we can assist you in applying for legal aid through the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority and we will instruct the right Advocate on your behalf.

We have particular barristers who specialise in military law – often because they have been in the armed forces in a previous career. We have successfully represented many military personnel at trial before the military tribunal.

If you find yourself in the Magistrates’ Court whilst a serving member of the armed forces, we can help you. We can help you avoid the double jeopardy of both a civilian penalty and internal disciplinary procedures.

If you have left the armed forces, we are still here to help, guiding you through criminal proceedings with the help and support you may require; such as arranging for you to see a psychologist regarding any diagnosis of PTSD; or making representations your case is dealt with in a particular way because of your armed forces experience.

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Boyle Tricks Leonard is proud of its experience and knowledge regarding armed forces personnel.

We are here to help you, so please telephone us.  Or, send us an email, which we will reply to as quickly as we can (usually well within 24 hours of it being received by us).